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Bought a shower screen for our new wet room about 18mths - 2 years ago.Everything had been fine until today when the screen exploded and smashed missing my husband by inches.I would like to know why this has happened as this could have had a very bad ending.

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Bad quality
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Victoria Plumb in Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes - Terrible wasted 2k, not even a year old and needs renewing

bought a entire bathroom from them, over 2k wasted, great at the beginning, first problem discovered was the shower screen is useless, and just leaks due to the way they designed it has a massive hole for water to drain outside the bath rather keeping the water inside the bath.

but within 3 months the first major problem occurred, faulty shower head, begins to bend on the top, within another month, bath mechanism breaks, within the next 2 months, toilet flush mechanism goes faulty. then the entire mixer shower goes faulty.

now its just coming upto one year, every panel of wood has cracks, not small cracks the cracks are growing day by day.

am seriously debating if to bin the lot, and buy from another proper diy store.

do not recommend this store to anyone, save your money and buy elsewhere.

if you try to leave bad reviews on there site, they filter them and do not publish them

I didn’t like
Any of it
Reason of review
Bad quality
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Changing a order with Victoria plumb

Ordered a shower cabinet,toilet,Sink with base,and glass bathroom cabinet from Victoria plumb Ltd. All arrived on time and all looked well.

When the new bathroom was fitted we found that the bathroom cabinet was too wide to fit the new bathroom so phoned to change it for a smaller one.I was told that there would be a 20% reduction on the refund cost to cover the service charge (seemed fair enough)plus a delivery charge on the replacement unit of £29.95 plus a charge of £49.95 to pick up the old unit. when I pointed out that the same men in the same truck would be both picking up and delivering the new unit I was told that this did not matter and I would have to pay both charges.Total cost £99.90 Plus the cost of the new unit Total cost £179.85 to replace a unit that cost £99.95 in the first place.

This from a company that prides itself on customer service I will leave it to you to judge if this is fair treatment or not.

Chester, England
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